Deutsche Bank – Elena H.

Jerrel Resida


I’d like to thank you for your great work and contribution to Project FROST and very happy to provide my feedback for Performance Review.

Very much looking forward to continue working with you!

  • Jerrel was key driver in ensuring proper design and documentation of global end-2-end processes for key Sales Support activities in Trade Finance business (Project FROST), incl. Engaging with Subject Matter Experts in key regions globally
  • He was instrumental and worked closely with senior stakeholders in aligning project work, establishing factual accuracy of the documentation and reflection of gaps and risks in the current way of working
  • Jerrel provided strong guidance to Project FROST looking at the compliance with other projects like 3 Lines of Defence, First Level Controls etc.
  • He helped identifying areas of improvements and developing recommendations in Project FROST for address immanent critical risks a.o. around De-Risking, Documentation and Risk Monitoring activities
  • He showed strong focus on DB values throughout 2014. In his role he ensured discipline wrt deadlines and resources, strong focus on voice of the client when developing recommendations
  • He has strong sense for setting priorities, is extremely well organised and focused as well as solution oriented
  • Jerrel is a good team player and showed strong networking skills a.o. being able to leverage on diverse backgrounds and cultures”